Up to My Eyeballs in Bugs

November 17, 05 by kenrich

Man, the hits just keep coming where I work. I am up to my eyeballs in bug reports to take care of. At the current rate, they are going to have to hire some more people here to help get a handle on all of these bugs. Our other developers are creating bugs faster than I can fix them.

The problem is that we have a huge web application written in classic ASP with a SQL Server backend. For anyone that hasn’t worked in ASP before, let me tell you it can be a nightmare. We were supposed to be migrating to dotNet but there’s just no time to do it. It takes up all of our time to keep up with the current workload as it stands.

Over the years I’ve become an expert at ASP (Active Server Pages), but with four different coding styles to work with and no clear programming style guide, it is hard working with other people’s code. That is what I’ve been tasked to do though. Previously, we had people fix their own bugs (because they programmed the application and know how it works). I guess our developers figured that they could make themselves look a lot better if I handled all the bugs and they could take all the credit for building new applications. That’s convenient eh?

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