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October 18, 07 by kenrich

Wordpress LogoI decided to move my blog to a new software. I switched from Movable Type to WordPress which seems to be the most popular browser these days. Maybe I’ll get back into writing more articles on the site. Recently, I’ve been pretty busy and just letting the whole blogging thing slide. I don’t have a large readership after all. This re-designed blog also represents a change in hosting to a load-balanced host with an enterprise-quality database back end.

Since I do need to keep on top of things, I really should be familiar with the most popular blogging platform. At least it is the most popular if you are going to host your blog yourself and not pay for a service like bloggger.com. Plus,

Another benefit is that this type of blog (with the theme I have installed) should make the entries much more readable. By that I mean the size of the text and the whitespace to format the articles is easier on the eyes. It may be rather boring to look at, but if you are a technical person like myself, you won’t really care too much for the frills and cutting-edge design.

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