Windows Vista and Office 2007 are Coming

March 13, 06 by kenrich

Microsoft plans to lauch Windows Vista alongside Office 2007 sometime during the end of this year. This is the crown jewel in Microsoft’s plan to unleash a bevy of new software applications and services over the course of this year. The operating system itself comes in no less than 7 different versions each tailored to a specific niche.

As part of this launch, Microsoft is attempting to create a hype that has been unparalleled since the release of Windows 95. Is this a reaction to the desktop war initiated by the folks at Google, or is Microsoft just looking to strengthen it’s gargantuan bottom line? There’s no doubt that Microsoft will sell tons of copies of it’s new operating system, the question is, what percentage of market share of the desktop operating system will they be able to hold onto.

It’s no doubt that the migration will be a slow one for people living in an economy where the luxury of upgrading an operating system is tied to the public’s disposable income. Perhaps a lot of people are tired of being on the upgrade merry-go-round. I will hold off on upgrading my system for a while – if only because the new operating system requires a more powerful system to run – and staying with my old operating system will give me better performance.

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